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We take pride in our exceptional service and do all that we can to deliver a truly authentic Italian experience. When you travel with us, we are your personal guides to Italy. Helping you plan your trip, including pre- and post-tour activities, is our pleasure. We pay careful attention to details, so you don’t have to. You can abandon your worries and just enjoy your trip, be it a cooking experience or a walking tour in Italy.

Anita IaconangeloAnita Iaconangelo

founded Italian Connection in 1993 and designed our cooking and walking tours throughout Italy. She is an avid walker and passionate about all things Italian. She survived 16 long winters in various freezing cold houses in romantic Tuscany, where she became an expert on Italian furnace parts.  Anita, together with Emanuele, lovingly restored an old stone house in Sicily, with a large kitchen in the former stable that overlooks a luxurious herb garden and fields of robust organic weeds enclosed by hand-chiseled stone walls. She looks forward to hosting our tours to festive home-cooked meals and cannoli making in their spacious kitchen. Her special passion is southern Italy, and Anita accompanies our walking and cooking tours in Sicily. She is the author of the blog Anita's Italy  which is filled with photos of Sicily and stories about life in Italy, as well as some favorite Italian recipes. Anita is currently at work on a book about her culinary experiences in Sicily called Savoring Sicily: A Culinary Quest.

Emanuele Lorusso

Emanuele Lorussois our food and wine expert. He takes planning our wonderful meals very seriously, and personally tastes all the wine he recommends. An Italian native and former chef and restaurant owner, Emanuele acts as our private cook on some of our walking tours in Sicily, and his sumptuous picnics are legendary. For a true Italian experience, he sometimes drives our van.



Anita & Emanuele make you feel like friends


Our guides are an integral part of our tours, which is why we select experts who are based in Italy. They are specialists in diverse fields, yet they all have a passionate fascination with Italy and an eagerness to share their knowledge with our participants. Our guides are the vital elements that make each of our tours a positively wonderful vacation.

Daniela Bigatti is a native of Bologna and our art history expert, and she leads our tours in Piedmont and Tuscany. She is exceptionally good at planning cultural and historical itineraries, and is a licensed guide in the cities of Florence and Bologna. Daniela amazes our guests with both her extensive knowledge and her ability to consume astonishing amounts of pasta and salami without gaining an ounce.

Peter Blackman lives in Florence, and his special passions are northern and central Italy, where he is a whiz at finding great walking routes. He has also done extensive research into fine wine, and will introduce you to his favorites during our tours in Piedmont.

Claudio is a native of Agrigento, where he expounds about the ancient Greeks and their magnificent temples while standing in the shade of a 500-year old olive tree. Lucia is an expert on the history of all the Splendors of Sicily, and she brings it all into focus in Syracuse, her native city, while Pina offers an outstanding look at the art and architecture of the ancient Greeks and Carthaginians in Western Sicily. In Umbria, Eva imparts her love for Giotto’s frescoes in Assisi, while Patricia brings us down tiny uncrowded streets in the Cinque Terre. Anna’s backyard is the lovely towns and pathways of the Amalfi Coast, while Daniela shows us the hidden Roman treasures on Capri. Giacomo tells us about village life in the Dolomites, while Norberto knows the name of every Wildflower in the Dolomites, as well as the best grappa!